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Don’t be fooled by the name – Armature is a whole lot more than Pilates. While all our instructors are trained to the highest levels in Pilates techniques, we teach far beyond the average Pilates studio.

From rehab and injuries to strength and specific training, Armature caters to a wide demographic. Our client base runs the gamut of competitive athletes to post-natal mums and everything in between!

We use Pilates and biomechanics as a base to build clients up from the centre outwards, making sure their armatures – their framework (ie bones) are in the right place before increasing load and dynamics.

With a diverse and multi-leveled timetable of 50 group classes a week as well as clinical studio sessions running many times daily, there’s something for all fitness levels and budgets at armature.

If you want to practice several times weekly, consider a group class membership and come as much as you like across all our classes. Or combine that with an individualized studio session to work on issues specific to your body.

Class and studio session packs are also available for those attending less frequently.

If there are no major injury or health considerations, jump straight into group classes with the new client special, which allows you to sample up to 5 classes in a fortnight period for $79.

Otherwise, book a 1:1 assessment for a detailed postural analysis and program recommendation. Then go into either studio sessions or group classes.

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Armature Pilates

Our flagship studio, 343a Lygon Street, offers group mat classes catering for up to 16 clients and all have the precision of Pilates technique at their core. Themes include floor-based matwork, postural retraining, functional movement, resistance and interval training.

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Armature Reformer

Located across the road from our Pilates Studio at 354 Lygon Street, armaturereformer is a stand alone studio housing 12 top-of-the-line reformers. Often mistakenly called transformers, reformers are spring-loaded moving carriages that challenge, balance, stability, mobility, strength or power (depending how they are sprung.) When used regularly, they do have transformative powers!

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Armature Strength

Venture off Lygon Street to 132 Victoria Street and you will find our Strength Studio, Armatures’ newest and renovated space. Home to Functional Fitness, Push/Pull Progressions, Badass Barre and Badass Box, it’s the space for strength & conditioning, weight training, circuits and more!

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Individual programs

Based in our fully-equipped Pilates studio, individual programs tailor to personal goals, postures and/or injuries. They start with an initial assessment and can follow through to privates, small groups, personal training, re-assessments and group classes.

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