The reformer studio (354 Lygon Street) houses 12 beautiful Allegro 2 machines, whose spring-loaded beds provide never-ending possibilities for stability and resistive challenges. Hour long classes make full use of the machine and target all over body workouts. If you are new to Pilates or reformer machines, start with Reformer-Basics and progress to further levels in consultation with the instructors. Reformer- Mobility & Release is open to all clients.

Reformer – Basics

Foundational reformer exercises in a continuous workout. Lots of repetitions to build muscle memory and postural endurance and control. **New clients welcome.

Reformer – Intermediate

A fluid, all over, intermediate reformer workout – equal parts fluidity, strength, mobility. Prerequisite: Reformer-Basics or equivalent. **Not suitable for clients who are pregnant or injured.

Reformer – Mobility

Open level class emphasising various stretches and lengthening exercises for the whole body. **New clients welcome.

Reformer – Dynamic

A fast paced reformer class including rhythm and tempo changes, isometric holds and functional patterns. Prerequiste: Reformer-Intermediate or equivalent. **Not suitable for clients who are pregnant or injured.

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    • unlimited group classes

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