I am new to Pilates, where do I start?

If you have no major injuries or conditions that need specific attention, you can start with Strength & Stability or Reformer Basics group classes.

Our Strength & Stability class is a great option for beginners. This class focuses on postural retraining and functional movements which means getting your bones in the right place so that your muscular system works better in daily activities like sitting, standing and walking. This class is also appropriate for postnatal women and  can be modified for some injuries.

Our Reformer Basics class focuses on Joseph Pilates’ original mat work and modern variations of his ideas using the reformer. New exercises are added weekly and basic principles are continually reinforced.

I’ve done some Pilates before, what can I do at armaturepilates?

Come and sample from our magnificent variety of group classes across three studios that are all within walking distance of each other. Headquarters is where you will find our Mat and Yoga classes, the Reformer studio hosts 10 Reformer beds and The Annex is home to Functional Fitness and Badass Barre.

If you are a brand new client to armaturepilates, take advantage of our $69 New Client Special. This allows you up to 5 group classes of any style within a fortnight period.

I have specific exercise needs, can armaturepilates help me?

We train clients with every kind of medical condition, injury and postural type that you can think of….plus lots that you have never even heard of!

If you are coming here to address a specific musculo-skeletal concern or other medical condition we recommend that you book into an initial assessment (and potentially some further private sessions) to determine an appropriate program for you to begin you on your Pilates journey. From there you can move into studio sessions, a Strength & Stability class or another suitable group classes.

Do I need to do an initial assessment?

If you are considering doing any studio sessions you will need to do an initial assessment and most likely one further private session. Initial assessments include detailed postural analysis, muscle and movement tests and the start of both a studio and home program. Your program will continue to be developed in further private and studio sessions.

We also recommend an initial assessment if you are planning on doing the Strength & Stability class and are coming in with an injury, chronic pain, medical condition or are postnatal.

What do you have for prenatal and postnatal women?

Studio sessions cater individually for all clients, so can be tailored to individual prenatal and postnatal needs. We also have a general prenatal group class on Saturdays at 9am which best suits second and third trimester pregnancies. First trimesters and postnatals are also welcome.

Strength & Stability classes are ideal for postnatal women and can be adapted for pregnant clients. From there, postnatal clients can progress to other group classes.

Can I do Pilates if I am injured?

Pilates is part of a broad continuum of fitness, and can be tailored to address any musculoskeletal issue from injury/postural rehabilitation through to athletic performance. We adapt exercises for injuries and specifically design exercises that aim to create better biomechanics, movement and stability for affected areas. Even with an acute or chronic injury, it is quite likely that you can still benefit from doing Pilates for both rehabilitation and general strength and conditioning.

What is clinical Pilates?

Clinical Pilates is a term coined by the physiotherapist community to mean studio Pilates exercise used for rehabilitating (often muscular-skeletal) injuries. At armaturepilates, our instructors liaise extensively with clinicians and are highly trained in creating and administering rehabilitation specific exercise programs. Our clinical Pilates manager, Sarah Grimshaw, oversees our clinical Pilates program, communicates with referring practitioners, and ensures that there is consistency of teaching and continual re-assessing for our clinical Pilates clients.

Our assessments, 1:1’s and studio sessions are, essentially, Clinical Pilates.

How many times a week should I do Pilates?

Pilates is an ideal form of exercise to combine with other forms of aerobic and strength-training routines. Once or twice weekly Pilates sessions help to strengthen, realign and balance the body to perform better in functional activity and daily life. Many studio clients supplement their studio sessions with group classes. Studio clients who attend regular weekly sessions receive a 10% discount on all class packs.

Do I have to commit to classes ongoing?

Studio sessions are sold in packs of 5, 10 or 20. The more you commit to, the cheaper they are! Use them as you go.

Group classes can be commenced anytime and classes are sold in packs of 5, 10 or 20 or casually. Use as you go and paid credits can be booked online. Book across Reformer, Mat, Functional Fitness, Badass Barre and Yoga.

All packs have a 6 month expiry.

Are armaturepilates sessions rebatable with private health insurance?

Check with your individual health fund for their requirements for rebating Pilates sessions. In some instances they will be rebatable and our reception can advise on what documents and registrations we can provide.