As well as the clinical studio, armaturepilates Pilates Studio (located at 343a Lygon Street) offers an extensive timetable of group classes. Jump into our signature class, Strength & Stability. Running many times a week, the class is a great compliment to both Reformer and Functional Fitness sessions. Simple in choreography but challenging for endurance and strength, they suit a wide range of clients. Set in our well-apopinted spring-loaded room, all the group classes utilize a mix of props like springs, slings, rollers and free weights.

Strength & Stability

Pushing, pulling, squatting, lunging and everything functional. Emphasises postural training and conditioning using body weight, springs and light weights. Accommodates most injuries and conditions and is suitable for postnatal clients. Recommended as a foundation for Functional Fitness.

Pilates Mat

A fluid and flowing Pilates floor workout emphasising core control, spinal mobility and active stretching. Suitable for all levels.


For pre-natal women 12+ weeks focusing on hip and upper limb strength, pelvic stability and thoracic mobility. Suitable for all levels and non-complicated pregnancies. Previous Pilates experience not required.

Iyengar Yoga

A form of Hatha Yoga that emphasises detail, precision, alignment and breath. Suitable for all levels.

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    • unlimited group classes

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