Like Melbourne’s gastronomic offerings, this city’s Pilates community is varied and delicious. On 19 November 2017, East Brunswick will be more than a cafe mecca when armaturepilates hosts The Pilates Brunch. Hand-picked presenters from a range of backgrounds will offer up delicious Pilates delicacies.

The Pilates Brunch welcomes all instructors and enthusiasts for a day of learning, networking and great coffee.

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9:00 – 10:30am Morning Masterclasses

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Bring Flexion Back to the Mat – Heath Lander

Classical Reformer – Nicholas Psarros

The Foot to Hip Connection  – Sarah Grimshaw


11:00 – 2:00pm Workshops

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Mat Classes that Flow Like Joe – Heath Lander

Pre-Natal Considerations – Sophie Jeffries

Functional Assessment – Sarah Grimshaw


3:30 – 5:00pm Afternoon Masterclasses

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Dynamic Flow Barre – Rachael Fraser

Advanced Reformer – Sara Colquhoun

Fascial Meridians on the Mat – Claudia Buehrer


The Details

Date: November 19, 2017

Time: 9:00 – 5:00pm
Registration 8:00 – 9:00am

Early Bird $245 (by September 01)
Full Price $275

Registration includes free coffee on arrival from El Mirage and 10% off The Pilates Playbook


 The Presenters


Sara Colquhoun

Sara Colquhoun started Pilates at 14, and started teaching at 17. Her background as a dancer led her to become an instructor through Pilates ITC.  She is now the owner and head instructor of Ki Movement Pilates  in South Melbourne. Throughout her career Sara has trained AFL players, Australian Ballet dancers, musical theatre performers and circus artists.

Sara’s career highlight is recently winning the international competition to become the next Pilates Anytime instructor.  Her classes have been viewed online by instructors and Pilates enthusiasts around the world. She is a presenter at national and international Pilates conferences.

Advanced Reformer

A complex and exciting reformer class designed and delivered by master teacher and Pilates Anytime instructor Sara Colquhoun.


Claudia Buehrer
Fascial Meridians on the Mat

Based on the Slings Myofascial Training® system, this mat class interplays the myofascial meridians to build strength, mobility and elastic movement in all planes and positions.

Originally from Germany, Claudia Buehrer is the founder of Create Movement Pilates. An active cyclist, dancer and snowboarder, Claudia found Pilates in 2007 to rehabilitate a back injury. She holds a Diploma  of Contemporary Pilates and Teaching Methodology from art of motion Australia and a Diploma in Slings Myofascial Training®. She has taught Pilates in osteopathic and physiotherapy studios in Perth and Melbourne and is involved with the instructor training program for Slings Myofascial Training®.


Heath Lander

Owner of Footscray’s White Dog Studio, Heath is a self-confessed movement nerd who particularly loves Pilates, gymnastics and yoga. His own movement method – Pilates Republic –  combines all these things. He studied Iyengar yoga for over a decade, is fully certified through Stott Pilates and has a background in education. As well as being an instructor trainer for Breathe Education, he has developed the IAP (Instructor Accelerator Program) to teach Pilates instructors how to “smash” it in the ever-evolving Pilates industry.

Bring Flexion Back to the Mat

Joseph Pilates loved animals, especially cats. He thought they had great spines – and they don’t avoid flexion. Scientific research moved us away from flexion. The evidence pendulum is swinging back again. Learn some of Heath’s sequences that progress clients past the bounds of classical Pilates to bring flexion back, better than ever.

Mat Classes that Flow Like Joe

Spend three hours with Heath, learning his tricks of the trade to create and program awesome and  challenging group classes. Master progressions, regressions and layering to make it easy and fun to sequence dynamic, full range of movement class choreography.



Rachael Fraser
Dynamic Flow Barre

Join Barre master trainer Rachael Fraser for a fabulously fun Barre mega-class focusing on flowing movement and maintaining a continuous dynamic through exercises incorporating ballet, Pilates, strength and stretch training.

Rachael is originally from London, England where she trained professionally as a contemporary dancer at LABAN as well as gaining an MA in Dance Performance. She then went on to pursue a career in Pilates which lead her to discover her love for all things Barre! Rachael was one of the original Xtend Barre instructors in the UK and since moving to Melbourne in 2012 has created her own Barre methods and training courses for KX Barre (Melbourne) and WeBarre (Singapore). She currently teaches reformer Pilates and Barre for KX Pilates as well as delivering instructor training courses and workshops in Melbourne and Singapore.


Sophie Jeffries
Pre-Natal Considerations and Programming

Mother of two and passionate pre-natal instructor Sophie Jeffries will explore current research, contraindications and considerations for teaching pregnant clients. Programming for both studio and group sessions will be addressed as will modifying for pregnant clients within general group classes. Discussion of post-natal recovery also included.

With a background in dance, Sophie Jeffries started her Pilates training in Bristol, England with the Pilates Foundation UK. She later studied the Advanced Diploma with Pilates ITC. She has been teaching Pilates since 2005 with a special interest in both group mat classes and pre-natal demographics. She instructs the pre-natal program at armaturepilates and has assisted hundreds of women through their pre and post-natal Pilates trainings.


Nicholas Psarros
Classical Reformer

Nicholas Psarros has taught Pilates for fifteen years after studying a dance major at QUT. He is dual certified with two comprehensive Pilates qualifications and is a member of the Pilates Alliance Australasia (PAA)  and Exercise and Sport Science Australia (ESSA). He is currently completing his classical Pilates certification. he established The Movement Refinery in 2005 in the CBD and has recently relaunched it in North Fitzroy.

Classical Reformer

 A classical Pilates reformer class that emphasises cueing the “powerhouse” to integrate full body movements. The workout flows from the centre outward to the limbs and makes for powerful, integrated sequencing.


Sarah Grimshaw

Sarah has been developing her teaching skills ever since the tender age of twelve when she taught gymnastics to “the little kids.” Her varied background in movement –from classical ballet to ballroom – has seen her through a diverse performing and teaching career. She trained in Pilates through the APMA, is a Level 4 APMA practitioner and sits on their education committee. She has taught on their training courses and delivered many continuing education workshops for instructors.

Sarah has practiced Pilates since 1996. Her other qualifications include a Masters in Rehabilitation Counselling and Psychotherapy (currently completing),  Certificate IVs in Training and Assessment, Allied Health Assistant, Fitness and Business Administration as well as yoga certification through Yoga Flame.

Functional Assessment

Learn tools for looking at functional movement and determining if a presenting issue is injury based or postural pain. Join Sarah as she goes through some of her favourite movement and muscle tests and applies the results to Pilates programs highly specific to clients’ needs.

The Foot to Hip Connection

A mat class about on the relationships between the foot/ankle and pelvic/lumbar spine and how they affect balance, gait and pelvic control. Lots of footwork, standing and single leg positions.


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